48 Desi Tweets About Work Every Indian Will Relate To

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You spend your entire childhood wanting to grow up and when you finally do, you regret every bit of it. Adulthood is synonymous with responsibilities, pressure, depression, and a reaaaaally long wait to retirement.

Work becomes a major part of your life and you finally realise that holding your stomach and grimacing in front of your folks won't get you a day's off from work.

While office life can be a drag, there are a bunch of people who are turning their everyday misery into hilarious jokes.

Here are some of our favourite work jokes that will help you get through this otherwise boring day.


Dear Customer, Your Ac XXXXXXXXXXXX is credited with INR HAHAHAHA on 31 May - SALARY FOR MAY. Your Net Available Bal is INR HAHAHAHA.

— amrtsh (@floydimus) May 31, 2013


How my appraisal went this year. pic.twitter.com/iSbrba3ZUL

— Jahanvi (@intrinsiclutter) April 5, 2016


Pic1: Me at home 1 am

Pic 2: Me at office 1 pm pic.twitter.com/OdSzSD8TvQ

— Rofl Gandhi निंदनीय (@RoflGandhi_) June 25, 2015


Boss sends email, then sends chat msg "I sent an email", then comes to desk saying "I sent an email". Boss must love Ekta Kapoor serials.

— Ripper (@Ace_Of_Pace) May 15, 2013


Do you sometimes feel like your laptop is whispering "bhai jab nahi hota kaam tumse toh kyun aate ho office?"

— pnkj (@AskThePankazzzz) April 11, 2016


Boss: I want this report by the EOD. Get on with it immediately!

Me: Yes sir!

*Boss goes*

Me: pic.twitter.com/ZbpQAYoiXg

— Keh Ke Peheno (@coolfunnytshirt) August 27, 2015


They place you in a cubicle and ask you to think outside the box.

— Denver Ka Dhakkan (@tantanoo) February 15, 2013


Every employee in this office keeps a picture of their family on their desk to remind themselves everyday of who they're disappointing.

— Namaah (@The_HappyNoodle) November 25, 2011


You give office address to ecom sites and they'll deliver it post 7. You give home address and they'll reach during office hours.

— dorku (@Dorkstar) October 21, 2015


-Office con call

Hi Ram from Vizag

me: To mai kya karu?

Hi Amrit from Surat

Me: To mai kya karu?

Hi Deepti from Delhi

Me: Hi Deepti

— KajuBadamChor (@KajuBadamChor) May 8, 2014


When boss approves your leave pic.twitter.com/tZwevuhzkk

— Bakwas Rider (@BakwasRadio) July 9, 2015


Pic 1 : Salary credited

Pic 2 : After 10 days. pic.twitter.com/bg0K4olMpk

— Pakchikpak Raja Babu (@HaramiParindey) September 3, 2015


Every office has 3 employees who are always overloaded with work, and the rest are just good at quickly switching tabs from Youtube to Email

— E-tard (@Etardoh) May 30, 2016



Guy: I've mild fever

Teacher: you should've not come


Guy: I've 102 fever,fractured both hands, ICU case

Boss: ho sake to aaja

— Pakchikpak Raja Babu (@HaramiParindey) July 16, 2016


Eventually you are not just about how much your boss respects you, you are also about how much your office boy respects you.

— Priyanka Lahiri (@lahirip) November 19, 2015


When HR asks me to sign on the late office entry in the register. pic.twitter.com/NChuxTzjNo

— Pranav (@pranavsapra) June 1, 2016


Office people give work exactly how a Punjabi family gives food to their new son-in-law.

— pnkj (@AskThePankazzzz) September 30, 2015


It's difficult to resist the temptation of practicing your bowling action when you walk through a long corridor in your office.

— dorku (@Dorkstar) November 13, 2014


Slowly understanding that working smart mostly just means pushing work deadlines so you can leave office on time and have a personal life

— E-tard (@Etardoh) April 19, 2016


There is a thick line between going to office and working.

— Sagar (@sagarcasm) February 6, 2014


Come to think of it, animals in a circus aren't very different from humans in an office.

— Shakti Shetty (@Shakti_Shetty) September 22, 2015


Dear Boss,

If there is room for improvement in my work,

there is house for improvement in my salary.

— Pranav (@pranavsapra) June 5, 2013


Sad part of being an adult is not making sounds like "Ooooo" when there is a power cut at your office.

— Chaitanya (@Chaitanya_13) August 7, 2014


You can sit idle for days in your office but the moment you ask for a half day leave you become the strategically most important employee.

— Aladdin (@Alllahdin) August 8, 2014


How to 'work from home':

1.Turn on the laptop

2. Sign in on Gmail so it looks like you're working

That's about it. Carry on with your day.

— Akshar (@AksharPathak) January 5, 2016


When I reach office early morning for the meeting and it gets canceled pic.twitter.com/tFonSIKoUk

— dorku (@Dorkstar) June 27, 2014


No matter where you work, between 5 - 6 pm your boss' job is to simply think of ways to keep you from leaving office.

— E-tard (@Etardoh) September 27, 2012


World is a sad place because people have to sacrifice sleep during winter and rainy mornings to reach a thankless place called office.

— udaas priest (@UdaasPriest) December 17, 2013


Your Boss will never notice your work except when you're in notice period.

— EngiNerd. (@mainbhiengineer) November 28, 2014


My office drawer always has some cash, powerbank and stationery. Yet people only steal pens out of it.

— Sagar (@sagarcasm) March 7, 2016


Sleep is like a naughty girlfriend. It shoos u away when you desperately want her in the night and then teases you the entire day in office

— Aladdin (@Alllahdin) June 1, 2016


Trying to finish office tasks like pic.twitter.com/jkrXCmQUAV

— mrdl (@Psilosophy) April 4, 2016


When your current job pays you really well but you still kinda miss your old office pic.twitter.com/DzTg9qW8HS

— Priyanka Lahiri (@lahirip) November 2, 2015


Age 16: "Jab bada ho jaoonga tab at least school se homework toh nahi milega"

Age 26: *back home from office* *checks phone* *9 new emails*

— Akshar (@AksharPathak) April 21, 2016


Office: The place where you pay the price for getting paid.

— Farhan Siddiqui (@Farrenhite) June 6, 2014


Everyone has this one colleague at work who ensures the boss never needs a jet spray.

— clfrd (@cliffordsouza) September 16, 2013


thank god I have boobs because this spreadsheet I just submitted is full of errors.

— Namelass (@DilliBelle) July 7, 2014


I lost my pen today in the office. Later a colleague forgot to pick his pen from my desk. Uparwala sab dekhta hai. Justice.

— फाडू (@FaaduTweets) March 26, 2014


When you leave office early and hope nobody sees you.. pic.twitter.com/TQ7ZrqII68

— Keh Ke Peheno (@coolfunnytshirt) April 1, 2016


HR Executives daily activities

1.Drink free office coffee

2.Socialize with coworkers

3.Browse Facebook

4.Collect documents

5.Go home on time

— E-tard (@Etardoh) December 12, 2013


Waking up at 6:00 am every day during 12 years of school?

Meh, no biggie.

Waking up for at 8:00 am every day for office?


— Akshar (@AksharPathak) December 2, 2014


When your boss catches you sleeping in office. pic.twitter.com/kQpMsiHzSv

— फाडू (@FaaduTweets) April 10, 2015


*Joins office*

*Earns 5k per month*

Mom: I'm proud of u

*Works from home*

*Earns 50k per month*

Mom: Koi naukri kyun nahi dhund leta?

— Ojas. (@Ojasism) June 29, 2015


When you get late, everyone is at office already and when you're early, suddenly the whole world decides to mass bunk work.

— Shruti (@ShrutiSeTakkar) September 4, 2014


*Working late night in office*

*Phone Rings*

*Yes mom.. Khana Kha liya hai.. Bas ab sone ja raha hu*#LiesMenTell

— engineeroholic (@EngineeRoholic) July 31, 2015


My colleague's reaction when I leave office on time. pic.twitter.com/m5s5m9TntI

— Chikoo (@TweetErrant) January 6, 2015


That moment when you wear formal clothes and reach late at office.


— Godman Chikna (@Madan_Chikna) April 12, 2016


I always keep an image of a punctured tyre handy just in case I'm late for an important meeting on a Monday morning.

— mihir (@mihirmodi) March 2, 2015