27/07/2016 7:29 PM IST | Updated 27/07/2016 8:13 PM IST

Manmohan Singh's Plane Developed A Major Glitch While Landing In Russia In 2007: Report

Close shave?

B Mathur / Reuters

An exclusive report on The Times Of India states that former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's Air India One flight had developed a dangerous technical glitch while landing in Moscow in 2007. Allegedly, it didn't lower its landing gear the way planes usually do while landing.

The report adds: "The flight's data recorder (FDR) — which preserves recent history of a flight through the recording of dozens of parameters collected several times per second) —show that the VVIP aircraft flew below the 'electronic glide slope' for a while before corrective action was taken. The electronic glide slope is the flight path a descending aircraft has to follow to ensure it gently touches down on the runway."

However, some aviation experts told the paper that the occurrence may have been a deliberately designed one, keeping the Prime Minister's comfort in mind. Since the noise increases when the landing gear comes out of the plane, the pilots could have decided to delay it to prevent the former PM from being subjected to grinding noise.

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