26/07/2016 10:34 AM IST | Updated 26/07/2016 2:36 PM IST

This Woman In A Tamil Soap Gets Shot In The Head And Stays Alive Forever

Guns don't kill people. Serials do.

R.UdayaBharathi/ Facebook

On Saturday, musician and Facebook user R.Udaya Bharathi uploaded a clip from a Tamil TV soap Chandralekha on his page.

The video spread like wildfire with over 2.3 million views and almost 40 thousand shares. The video starts off with a sniper taking an aim at a woman and hitting the money shot -- head shot.

R.UdayaBharathi/ Facebook

While the shooter does what his job demands, the woman, with a gaping hole in her head, seems to take her time dying.

R.UdayaBharathi/ Facebook

While the dude by her side looks more in pain than her, she just casually smiles because screw guns.

R.UdayaBharathi/ Facebook

Oh btw, she also wishes to wear a gajra before dying because head-shot fantasies.

R.UdayaBharathi/ Facebook

She then takes the dramatic scene one notch up by casually laying on the man's lap and catching 'em Pokémon.


PS: Snipers in the real world do this.

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