These 5 Workouts Will Give You Ship-Shape Legs

Make your legs your pillars of strength
Cropped action shot of am athletic man running
Cropped action shot of am athletic man running

Strong legs are more vital to overall fitness than the cliched six-pack abs. Unfortunately, they are often ignored in favour of training the upper body. Celebrity fitness trainer Vinod Channa, who has been in the fitness industry for over 22 years, and has been working with John Abraham for his recent release Dishoom, says that this is a common mistake made especially by Indian men.

"Most men in India suffer from what we call Chicken Legs (a bulky torso and skinny legs) in the gym," says Channa. "This is basically when the lower body workout is neglected over a long period of time. Instead, people focus on the upper body because that is noticed before one's legs. However, this can spoil the natural symmetry our body has because the lower body becomes weaker."

Here are five effective workouts that absolutely anyone -- be it a beginner or a veteran can perform to transform their legs into wheels of steel.

Workout 1: SQUATS

Develops: The core and entire lower body

Workout 2: LUNGES

Strengthens: Primary muscles like the hip and hamstring

Workout 3: LEG CURLS

Develops: Hamstring muscles

Workout 4: WIDE SQUATS

Strengthens: Glute muscles

Workout 5: Calf Raise

Builds: Calf muscles

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