26/07/2016 10:48 AM IST | Updated 26/07/2016 11:50 AM IST

Pune Accountant Writes Postcards To 93 MPs For Women's Safety

Remember what they say about the mighty pen?

Facebook/Pandithar Sivakumar
File photo of Pandithar Sivakumar Perumal from his Facebook profile.

It was over three years and three months ago when Pandithar Sivakumar Perumal first wrote a postcard to the President of India, Pranab Mukherjee, assuring him that his wife and young daughter were safe. Each day, the accountant from Pune repeats the assurance.

"I am glad to inform you that at my home no untoward incidence of an act against women have happened today," he writes. "I trust that you have received such news from each and every home of this country."

This is his daily protest against what he sees as lack of action against those who commit heinous crimes against women in India. Since 20 April 2013, he has not missed a single day of writing a postcard to the President of India.

Now, he is also writing to 93 women Members of Parliament, urging them to raise the issue during the ongoing Monsoon Session.

"I decided to write to women MPs urging them to fight for the issue, since they have the power to raise the issue in Parliament and demand a change in the system," he told The Indian Express. According to the report, his postcard reads:

"Atrocities on women aged anything between three years to more than 65 years, have almost become an order of the day in our country. We, the citizens, had faith that you as one amongst the many women, would not tolerate any more heinous crimes against women. You are bestowed with powers to make change for a safe and secure life for the better gender. Deafening silence on the issue from 93 women Members of Parliament does not give us an iota of feeling secure and safe. Please realise your powers, do something soon. Stop the crimes."

According to latest available data, crimes against women constitute over one-tenth of the total crimes in India. At least 3,37,922 women were raped, kidnapped, killed for dowry, trafficked for sex, or subjected to other cruelties in 2014. Many such crimes are not even reported.

Sivakumar's refusal to accept any of this as "part of every day life" has made him carry out his protest every day now.

And he is unlikely to give up.