26/07/2016 11:31 AM IST | Updated 26/07/2016 2:52 PM IST

7 Sterling Stand-Up Routines By Female Indian Comedians To Get You Through Life

From bra shopping to daughter's marriage prospects, they have got it covered.

Are you kidding?!

Women are not funny, they said. There are no women in stand-up comedy, they said. And, now these women are here to make them eat their words.

When some of the best comedians in the world are women, can our own Indian women be far behind? From what to wear to the hazards of bra-shopping, these comedians have a very unusual take on 'women problems'.

Here are some sterling stand-up routines by some very funny Indian comedians, who happen to be women.

Aditi Mittal

A well-known name in the stand-up comedy scene, Mittal was the first woman to do stand-up comedy in India. Needless to say, she is hilarious and uninhibited.

Watch her talk about the science behind sanitary napkins here.

Watch Mittal pointing out the confusion surrounding vaginal tightening creams.

Neeti Palta

Known for her sarcasm, this feminist comedian will tell you like it is. From current issues to mundane daily life irritants, Palta knows how to serve it right.

Watch her talk about how size matters, here.

Radhika Vaz

Vaz is widely known for her angry avatar on stage. The name of her acts are self-explanatory. One is called Older. Angrier. Hairier. and another, a play, is titled Unladylike: The Pitfalls of Propriety.

Watch Vaz effortlessly destroy female stereotypes with her unladylike charm.

Punya Arora

Laughing at baseless stereotypes comes easy to Arora. Making a career out of it has not only made everyone notice her but also pay close attention to what she has to say.

Watch her talk about the impossible task of buying a bra.

Vasu Primlani

The absolutely hilarious Primlani makes some necessary points about women's issues and society.

Watch her point out a very pertinent problem in the Mahabharata.

Primlani talks about mothers who are always worried sick about their daughters' marriage prospects.