25/07/2016 2:46 PM IST | Updated 25/07/2016 7:50 PM IST

This Ballad Of Macher Jhol Will Awaken Your Inner Chef

Love ballads? Love fish? This is for you.

The Metronome/ YouTube
What's our goal? Macher jhol.

The Metronome is Sawan Dutta's song vlog where she "writes and sings about anything and everything". That leaves the range of things Datta could sing about very wide open indeed and she has chosen a suitably eclectic -- and didactic, she is a Bengali woman after all -- topic to render into melody and verse: How to prepare that much beloved classic of Bengali cuisine macher jhol (fish curry). We have to admit, this recipe is pleasing both to our taste buds and to our ears.

In this song Sawan tells you how to make the perfect macher jhol, because that is today's goal...

The Metronome/ YouTube

...complete with a chorus and all.

The Metronome/ YouTube

She will also sing about the perils of burning the potatoes.

The Metronome/ YouTube

And watch out for that Bengali accent!

Watch the video here.

Is it just us or does this video make you crave macher jhol too?