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How A Mumbai Boy Found Solace In Music After Losing His Mum To Cancer

Pass on the tissues, please.

Saurabh Nimbhkar

Saurabh Nimbhkar, a Mumbai boy, has perhaps suffered some of the most insurmountable tragedies one can imagine.

While in the 11th grade, his father went missing leaving the family to fend for themselves. As if fate wasn't unjust enough, soon his mother was detected with cancer.

In a post shared by Humans of Bombay on their Facebook page, Saurabh shared his story of what followed.

Almost everything was against him -- there was a shortage of funds for his mother's treatment and no source for the family to generate money.

Saurabh picked up the guitar and started playing in Mumbai locals on his way to and from college.

"I've never learnt professionally, but the sound of my own music made me feel free," he says.

Then he decided to take it forward and even crooned in the wards of KEM Hospital in Parel, Mumbai where his mother was undergoing treatment along with other patients.

"I decided to take my music to my mother and when I played for her she had the biggest smile on her face. In fact, I played for the other families as well and slowly I felt that they all seemed happier with more positivity — since then I would play for them everyday," he says.

Saurabh Nimbkar

Due to a relapse, Saurabh's mother didn't survive her battle with cancer but the tragedy left him a changed person. He quit his job at a pharmaceutical company to pursue music and now gives all the money that he raises to secure treatment for those inflicted with cancer.

He says making music makes him feel closer to his Mum.

Here, read the post in his own words.

Humans of Bombay Facebook

Here's a link to the post.

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