21/07/2016 3:13 PM IST | Updated 23/07/2016 1:31 PM IST

Everything You Need To Know About Tinder Social

Tinder releases Tinder Social in India which matches a group of people with another group of people.

Jonathan Brady/PA Wire

Do you hide the fact that you use Tinder from your friends? But the company is thinking in the reverse direction. The dating app released a new feature called Tinder Social in India. Tinder social allows a group of friends to match with another group of friends. This step is one of the measures the company has taken to move away from its image of a hook-up app.

The objective of Tinder is to make people socialize in groups. A bunch of friends can meet new people and explore a new food place or go to a comedy gig. However, Internet trolls have a lot of imagination to turn this into something else. So Tinder has to take a lot of steps to ensure security.


Once this feature is live you can choose 1-3 friends to create a group and swipe right (Like) or left (Dislike) on other groups. If you are matched with a certain group you can strike up a conversation and decide a plan.


Tinder has made this feature opt-in after the backlash the got from their testing in Australia. Users could see all of their friends using Tinder and it was not a favorable situation for many. Users can choose to be left out of Tinder Social at any time by turning it off from the settings.

Groups can also mention their plan for the night in the 'Group Status box' by picking up a message from a set of 8-10 phrases in the app . The users would be able to see the profiles of all the people present in the group. The catch is that user can be only in one group at a time and the group vanishes at the next noon according to the time zone.


The person who initiated the group can end it, or if If all the members of the group leave it will be deleted.

"We're excited to bring Tinder Social to India – this feature offers a simple, fun way for our users to continue seeking new experiences and forging meaningful connections," Taru Kapoor, India head for Tinder said.

Tinder recently made a TVC for India which attempted to make it look more 'Sanskari'.

Along with India, the feature is launched in the US, UK, and some other markets.