21/07/2016 11:25 AM IST | Updated 21/07/2016 2:27 PM IST

A Restaurant In Singapore Is Selling A Drink Called 'Madarchod' For $23

A Madarchod, please. Shaken, not stirred.

Equilibrium Restaurant

Alright, everyone. We're all adults here, but if you've ever been to a pub, you know there are some cocktails out there with names so sexy that they would make a habitual bar hopper blush.

'Sex On The Beach', 'Angel's Tit', 'The Screaming Orgasm' and 'Sex with A Tucson Bartender' are on top of that list. Now, an Indian street expletive shares space with it's Western cousins on the list.

An Italian-themed restaurant and bar in Singapore has shot to fame after a customer posted a photo of a drink called 'Madarchod' on it's menu. The word is Hindi for 'mother-f****r'.

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This delightful find has Twitter in splits. Naturally.

Described as an "Enticing Flavours Of India, Creamy Chai Latte Shaken With Amaretto, Bulleit Bourbon, Hazelnut Syrup, French Cream And Honey Water", the cocktail is priced at $23, exclusive of taxes.

Nope, it's not a Photoshopped image.

Here's another picture of the full menu, along with the restaurant's logo that seems to have been taken right at the table.

The restaurant confirmed to HuffPost India that the cocktail exists and they are aware of the meaning.

So, why did they pick this name?

"We would not imagine doing it in India itself, but Singapore is a multi-racial country with little bias and a wider berth when it comes to humour. We saw the humour in introducing an Indian-inspired cocktail with a tongue-in-cheek name," the restaurant wrote on its Facebook page.

Meanwhile, if you are wondering what a glass of 'Madarchod' looks like, here's a photo they sent us:

Equilibrium Restaurant