21/07/2016 9:44 AM IST | Updated 21/07/2016 1:53 PM IST

16 Amazing Things Xiaomi Sells In China But Not India

Xiaomi sells smartphones in India but in China they sell everything from bicycles to rice makers to drones.

Kim Kyung Hoon / Reuters
Attendants are silhouetted in front of Xiaomi's logo at a venue for the launch ceremony of Xiaomi's new smart phone Mi Max in Beijing, May 10, 2016. REUTERS/Kim Kyung-Hoon/File Photo

Founded in 2010, Xiaomi shot into the fame by selling phones with high specifications at low prices in China. Their first phone, called Mi1, was launched in August 2011 with their own Android-based software MIUI. Since then, the company's fortunes have only headed north. In 2015, Xiaomi became the 5th largest smartphone maker in the world.

In the meantime, in 2013, Xiaomi began diversifying into products besides smartphones and tablets. Since then, the company has released numerous gadgets for home, personal health, entertainment, and transportation segments. Mostly, these products haven't been launched in India even though there is a high demand for them.

1. Mi TV

Xiaomi first launched their HDTV in 2013. The TV ran on the Android operating system and supported numerous smart applications. Currently, their cheapest TV has a 43 inch HD screen and costs 1799 Yuan (₹18,100 approx). They also sell the MI 70 inch TV with their home audio system.


They offer plenty of accessories with it, such as a subwoofer, game controller, Bluetooth headset, 3D glasses and more. Because of the quality of the TV and its accompanying features, it is among the most sought after products in India.

2. Mi TV Box

Xiaomi also sells digital set-top boxes that are encoded for high-quality streaming as well as Bluetooth and voice control. The box also offers gaming facilities with the help of a remote or a smartphone. The users can connect any kind of Bluetooth accessory, such as a keyboard, speaker, controller and more to the box.


Xiaomi has struck deals with many content providers to host their content exclusively on Mi Boxes. This year, the company also launched an Android TV box based on Android Marshmallow 6.0.

3. Mi Air Purifier

In 2014, Xiaomi ventured into home space with the launch of the MI Smart Air Purifier. The device can clear up a whole room in 12 minutes (406 cube metre of air in an hour) if it is set to the maximum setting. It cleans up substances such as dust, chemicals, formaldehyde, smoke odour and more. The users can control the purifier through an app too. This device costs 899 Yuan (₹ 9,050 approx).

Jeff Chiu/AP
Xiaomi Air Purfier

4. Mi Band 2

Xiaomi's Mi band is the most sold wearable in India. Recently the company launched the second version of the Mi band with a screen and a heart rate monitor. The new band also shows notification and has music controls.


5. Mi Lightening

Today, smart lightening is the most desirable appliance in the Internet of Thing space. Xiaomi sells smart lamps in three variants. The first one is the standard smart bulb with 16 million colors which costs 89 Yuan. The second variant is a table lamp, available for 159 Yuan, and the third one is the beautiful bedside lamp that costs 239 Yuan. All of them can be controlled by a smartphone.


6. Mi Routers

Wifi solutions are now part of almost every home, so Xiaomi provides multiple solutions in the router range. The company offers pocket routers which cost 79 Yuan and provide 300 Mbps network in 64-metre range. It also offers powerful Gigabit routers that have 1 TB inbuilt storage capacity and a 100-metre range.

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Xiaomi Router

7. Transportation

Recently, Xiaomi launched a foldable electric bicycle called QiCycle in China that can run for 40-50 km on a single charge. You can also recharge the battery while pedaling the bicycle. Mi also offers an electric bicycle called YunBike C1 and a 1999-Yuan self-balancing scooter.

8. Video camera

Dropcam is probably the leading name in the home security space. But Xiaomi has also released a competing product, a 111-degree wide-angle webcam with an ability to stream at 720p. Users can also make two-way video calls from the video camera.


9. Smart Rice cooker

Rice is a staple in China and every house has a dedicated rice cooker. Xiaomi launched a sub-brand called Mi-ecosystem this year and introduced a smartphone-controlled rice cooker under that brand.


10. Mi Smart Home

Companies such as SmartThings and Godrej make smart home kits that comprise a hub and sensors such as a temperature sensor, motion sensor and more. Xiaomi has also released a smart home kit in China that has more than 35 functions, such as switching off the fan when the window is open and switching on the light when it is dark. The smart kit costs 199 Yuan.

11. Mi Smart Kettle

When you want water for your cooking or coffee, Mi Smart kettle remembers how much hot water you want at a particular temperature.


12. Mi Action Cam

In order to compete with GoPro, Xiaomi released Yi action cam which has an ability to record 1080p videos at 60 fps. The action cam is loaded with a 16 MP Sony sensor. Yi cam has motion stabilization, dual microphones, and a slow motion mode.


13. Mi Drone

Amongst other intriguing products, Mi Drone was one of the newest entrant in the gadget world. The 2499 Yuan drone has a 3 km flight range with a 27-minute flight time. It can be controlled by remote control or a smartphone.


14. Mi Mosquito Repellant

The latest product by Xiaomi is a portable Mosquito repellant that costs ₹300. The device is highly portable, with a diameter of 4.6 cm, and weighs only 25 gm. The company claims that it can run for 15 hours if you attach it to a 10,000 mAh power bank.


15. Mi Water Purifier

Mi Water purifier is another Xiaomi home product typically suited for an Indian market. The smartphone-controlled purifier can clean 1080 liters of water every day on a 1:1 purification ratio.

16. Health

In the health segment, besides the fitness band, Xiaomi also offers a blood pressure monitor, which is customized for Mi smartphones.


It can also measure the heart rate, blood pressure, and average pulse. Another offering is a smart weighing scale with LED which also displays BMI and target weight. It also comes with an app which lets you sync your fitness goals.

All in all, starting out as a smartphone company, Xiaomi has now turned into a gadget giant. The company promises to bring its offerings to India at some point. Xiaomi Global VP, Hugo Barra, has said that because of restrictions in India these products will take some time to arrive. Consumers are waiting.