20/07/2016 7:25 PM IST | Updated 20/07/2016 8:43 PM IST

Caught On Camera: Hyderabad Boys Burn Three Puppies Alive

The boys gathered flammable material and set the puppies on fire.

In the video grab, the boys are seen burning alive three puppies.

In yet another shocking incident of cruelty against animals, a group of boys from Hyderabad posted a video on Facebook in which they are seen burning alive three puppies after tying them together, according to news reports.

In the video shot at a graveyard near Ek Minar mosque in Hyderabad's Musheerabad area, the hapless puppies were squealing in fear as the boys mercilessly kept on torturing them .

The boys caught three stray puppies and tied them together. They then dragged the hapless animals to some distance and put them into a fire made out of jute bags and dry sticks, Shreya Paropkari, an animal rights activist, said in a complaint filed with Musheerabad Police yesterday.

Watch the disturbing video here.


One of the perpetrators recorded the entire incident and is heard instructing and instigating the other culprits to set fire," Paropkari said in her complaint, according to an NDTV report.

"We have not arrested anybody so far. We are still trying to identify the persons in the video. Prima facie, they all appear to be minors. The case is under investigation," Musheerabad sub-inspector B Ravi Kumar Reddy told Hindustan Times.

Another video has also surfaced in which a Hyderabad man is seen firing at a dog while practising shooting.

These attacks on animals comes only weeks after two medical students from Chennai were arrested for hurling a dog off a building's roof and filming it.

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