19/07/2016 12:09 PM IST | Updated 19/07/2016 1:33 PM IST

This Website Is The Secret Map To Your Favorite Pokemon

Powered by the Pokemon GO community, the site will help you find your favorite Pokemon.

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Have you noticed people walking around as if they are trying to find something? Well, you already know that they are Pokemon GO players who are trying to hunt Pokemon or are fighting a battle with another player in a virtual Gym. The burning issue for Pokemon GO players today is, how to find the rarest and the best Pokemon?

A website called PokeRadar kind of solves that problem. A joint effort by developers Braydon Batungbacal and Nick DiVona, it has been built in a way that shows you where exactly you can find a particular Pokemon.


The locations of the Pokemon are crowd-sourced, so there is a fair chance that someone might be trolling people. But you can always look up how many trainers found the tip useful and see the comments.

If there are at least a few people who found a Pokemon at a location, you're safe. To prevent fake entries to an extent at least, the developers have banned adding a Pokemon from the desktop.

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The developers have also released an iPhone app for PokeRadar. They said that the Android version of the app is under works and will be released soon.

Another way to find Pokemon is the Ingress gaming app. If the density of the heat map (Or XP as called in the game) is more, there is a high chance of finding a Pokemon there. For Pokestops and Gyms, you can always rely on the 'Portals' shown in the Ingress map.

Meanwhile, a team at IBM has mapped the game to their Artificial Intelligence platform Watson. While playing the game, Watson is collecting the data on all the Pokemon and Pokestops and where the rarest of the Pokemon are placed.