18/07/2016 11:12 AM IST | Updated 18/07/2016 1:41 PM IST

How To Get Pokemon GO On iOS And Android

Many in India want to play Pokemon GO. Here's how you can get it.

Sam Mircovich / Reuters
The augmented reality mobile game

Pokemon GO mania has taken over the world. And even though makers of the game, Nintendo, have not officially launched it in India yet, many here are already playing it. Here's how you can start playing it too.


Because they can install 3rd party APK files, Android users are over the moon right now. The day Pokemon was released in the US its APK was out. So, anyone in the world can download that APK. The website APKMirror which is hosting the APK has seen their traffic go up many folds. Indian users are already ranked 4th in terms of downloads from that website.

Nati Harnik/AP
Pokemon GO event.

But beware, there are versions of Pokemon GO floating around which contain malware. These versions ask for permissions such as call, microphone, text messages and more. You can check for the warning signs under Settings>Apps>Permissions to know if the application is asking for more resources than required.


Users of iPhone are jealous of Android users and rightly so. Because, to be able to play Pokemon Go in India on an iPhone will take some effort. There are two ways to get started.

1. If any of your friends and family who use an iPhone are living in the US, UK or any country where Pokemon GO has been released, contact them. Get their Apple ID and password for 15 minutes. You can then sign-in from that account and download Pokemon GO from that company's Apple store.

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2. This method will take a little more time and effort. You need to create an Apple ID for another country, for instance, the United States. After filling in the details you have to select None in the payment option. Once the ID is created you can download Pokemon Go and start playing.

Nintendo has confirmed that, very soon, they are going to release the game in 200 countries. After the first week's roll out in the US, the game was released in Germany, UK, Spain, Portugal, and Canada. As of now, Pokemon Go is more popular than Tinder and Twitter in terms of downloads and Daily Active Users.