15/07/2016 7:34 PM IST | Updated 16/07/2016 1:08 AM IST

Only 8.5 Percent Disabled Indians Complete Graduation: Census

Of the total disabled population of 2.68 crores in 2011, 54.5 per cent are literates.

Rupak De Chowdhuri / Reuters
Visually disabled children attend a cultural programme to observe International Day of Disabled Persons at a school in the northeastern Indian city of Siliguri December 3, 2007. REUTERS/Rupak De Chowdhuri (INDIA)

A little over half of the disabled population in the country are literate and among them just 8.5 percent are graduate or above.

According to the census data of 2011, released by the Registrar General of India (RGI), of the total disabled population of 2.68 crores in 2011, 1.46 crores (54.5 percent) are literates.

A decade ago, the percentage of literates among disabled population was 49.3 per cent and the remaining 50.7 per cent were illiterates.

The comparative position of disabled population by literacy status, educational level among literates and sex for census 2001 and 2011 show that not only the percentage of literates has increased for both males and females during the decade 2001-2011 but also their attainment in higher educational levels has improved.

Among the disabled literate population, 9 percent males are graduate and above and 7.7 percent females are graduates and above. As many as 24.9 percent males are matric or secondary but below graduate while 21.2 females are have completed matriculation or secondary but below graduate, the census report said.

As many as 16.7 percent disabled population are middle but below matriculation/ secondary education. 24.3 percent disabled population are primary but below middle, 19.4 percent population are literate but below primary.

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