15/07/2016 1:36 PM IST | Updated 16/07/2016 1:08 AM IST

Japanese Nude Restaurant, The Amrita, Will Allow In 'Godzilla-Like' People For 2 Days

Can anyone please explain what beauty standards have to do with eating out?

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Elena Vdovina
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HuffPost India reported yesterday that the Japanese nude restaurant, called The Amrita, had reversed their earlier policy of prohibiting those who were over 60 years old and those who they deemed overweight from dining there. The overweight and sexagenarians were now welcome to eat in the restaurant, we had reported. We had also mentioned that Huffpost India had contacted the The Amrita for their comments.

Well they did get back and, simply put, their response has left us flabbergasted.

Turns out that The Amrita has not reversed its policy of discriminating against the overweight and the elderly. They have merely decided to relax the rules for two days. Read for yourself:


So according to their customer care reps, you are free to dine at The Amrita on 26 and 27 August even if you are 120 years old and have "Godzilla-like weight". They have no qualms about letting you in as long as your bulky body "can fit through the door".

However things will revert back to normal in keeping with the wishes of their enlightened naked customers. As they put it: "But based on continued feedback from customers, people seem to love rules, self-discipline, and a controlled environment of self-awareness, people want to be healthy."

So basically, since people value rules, self-discipline and healthy living, The Amrita has decided to keep out overweight and old people. We are still trying to wrap our heads around this impeccable logic.

The extent of their nonchalance is alarming. And we thought that such blatant biases against those who are overweight and those who are old belonged to some distant past.

Welcome to the here and now.