14/07/2016 9:51 PM IST | Updated 16/07/2016 1:08 AM IST

Shiney Ahuja Miffed At 'Great Grand Masti' Makers For Naming Maid In Movie 'Shiney'

Warns of civil and criminal procedures.

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INDIA - OCTOBER 10: Shiney Ahuja (Shiny Ahuja), actor in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India (form Punjab) (Photo by Bhaskar Paul/The India Today Group/Getty Images)

The makers of upcoming Bollywood film Great Grand Masti have been slapped with a legal notice by actor Shiney Ahuja for naming a character in the film 'Shiney'.

The notices, sent to Balaji Motion Pictures, its managing director Ekta Kapoor, her father Jeetendra Kapoor and Inder Kumar, both directors of the firm Maruti International, have sought an apology from the company and demands reference to Shiney deleted from the film that is set to hit the movie screens on July 15, news reports said.

The notice, served by a Chandigarh-based legal firm, Jurisconsultus, on behalf of Ahuja, points out that naming the maid Shiney amounts to Criminal Contempt as defined under Section 2(c) of the Contempt of Court Act 1971.

"Clearly naming the maid Shiney seems to be a quirky take on the infamous rape case of maid involving Shiney Ahuja. The trial court had convicted Shiney and he has challenged the conviction order before the Bombay High Court. The hearing of appeal is in progress before the Bombay High Court. In such a situation, producing a film using his name in a derogatory manner amounts to creating impediments in the free flow of administration of justice," Neeraj Chaudhary, managing partner of the legal firm told The Indian Express.

"The name of the maid, 'Shiney', and the actors trying to find some masti with her in the movie Great Grand Masti will have greater ramification and impact on the mind of the viewer and will tend to curtail or impair the freedom of the limbs of the judicial proceedings," the notice states.

Ahuja has warned of a civil as well as criminal procedure against the producers they fail to comply with the notice.

Ahuja is out on bail since 2011 after he was convicted of raping the maid working at his house in Mumbai. He was sentenced to seven years in prison. Ahuja has filed an appeal against the verdict in the Bombay High Court.

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