14/07/2016 12:29 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:27 AM IST

Japanese Nude Restaurant, The Amrita, Will Now Allow 'Fat' Diners

Au naturale for all.

A group of nudists at a bar during a "Clothing Optional Dinner" at a New York City restaurant
Reuters Photographer / Reuters
A group of nudists at a bar during a "Clothing Optional Dinner" at a New York City restaurant

When it first made headlines a month ago, everything about Japan's first nude bistro struck as unusual. To begin with, it had an Indian name, The Amrita. Then there was this discriminatory policy that forbade entry to overweight people and those over the age of 60.

The initial plan was to weigh potential diners and if anyone weighed 15 kilos above the average weight for their height segment, then they were not to be allowed into the restaurant.

Reuters Photographer / Reuters
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Naturally, there was a backlash.

With their opening date in August approaching, the Amrita has reportedly decided to change their policies to open their doors to more diners. Still, some strange rules remain in place.

People with tattoos will not be allowed in as tattoos in Japan are associated with crime syndicates known as Yakuzas. It is not uncommon in Japan for many public places to refuse entry to people with tattoos.

According to the Daily Mail, if a person is beautiful but overweight, admission will be at the management's discretion. So, not only will diners be judged, they could be turned away for not meeting the restaurant's beauty standards.

That's not all -- an advance payment will have to be made at the time of reservation and should the guests be turned away, they will have to forfeit the advance amount. Customers will also not be allowed to use their mobile phones and would be required to lock them away.

HuffPost India has reached out to the Amrita for comment.