14/07/2016 5:21 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:27 AM IST

Can You Find The Mobile Phone In This Picture?

Phone chameleon!

Jeya May Cruz
Spot the phone!

Okay, we get it, you are probably tired of these optical illusions. But in our defense, this particular one is very difficult! As the story goes, a lady dropped her phone on the carpet and when she couldn't find it, enlisted the help of the Internet to spot it. Only, the Internet appeared as clueless as her.

Here is the picture:

Jeya May Cruz

Got it? No? If you squint really hard, you might be able to spot it.

Try again, we have narrowed down the picture for you.

Jeya May Cruz

One last try. Now?

Jeya May Cruz

Alright then.

Let's show you where it is.

Jeya May Cruz

Told you, this one was tough!