13/07/2016 4:24 PM IST | Updated 19/07/2016 12:01 PM IST

How 'DJ Wale Babu' And 'Nagin Tune' Led To Clashes At A Kanpur Wedding

'DJ Wale Babu' Vs 'Nagin Tune'.

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A wedding in Kanpur turned into a bizarre event after a bunch of people fought over which song to play at the marriage procession. The options were: 'DJ Waale Babu mera Gaana Baja de' or 'Nagin Tune.'

According to a PTI report, six youths were arrested from the wedding function after they clashed over the music at the event.

On Tuesday, at one Rajendra Kumar daughter's wedding, a bunch of people from the groom's side asked the disc jokey to play the popular number 'DJ wale babu' at the marriage ceremony. However, not all of them loved the song.

The other group demanded that the DJ instead play the 'Nagin Tune.'

The two groups got into a fight over it.

The police had to intervene and detain six men. They were released after being issued a warning.

In case you have not heard these songs, here take a listen:

This is what DJ Wale Babu sounds like:

And, this is one of the popular versions of the Nagin tune.