13/07/2016 8:33 AM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:27 AM IST

Six-Year-Old Dies After Father Makes Her Swallow Onion

She failed to count correctly from 1 to 15.

Rajesh Kumar Singh/AP

A six-year-old girl was choked to death when her father allegedly forced her to swallow an onion after she failed to count correctly.

The shocking incident took place on 9 July at Balapur village, 250 km from Aurangabad, after which the accused apparently buried the body in the village graveyard.

Sanjay Kute, a 32-year-old labourer, was supervising the homework of his daughter Bharti when she stumbled while counting from 1 to 15, skipping 12 and moving on to 13 after 11. Enraged, he slapped her, then shoved an onion into her mouth.

The first standard student, who had been admitted to the local zilla parishad school earlier this month, suffocated and fell unconscious. Although Kute took his daughter to Bajaj Hospital, she was declared brought dead. Bharti's mother and brother, who witnessed her death, later reported it to the police.

The police have arrested Kute under IPC Sections 302 (murder) and 201 (causing disappearance of evidence of offence, or giving false information to screen offender) and registered a case against him. The remains of the girl were retrieved and sent for autopsy.