12/07/2016 4:25 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:27 AM IST

First Renders Of Google Smartwatches Leaked

Google is rumored to be making their own Android Wear Smartwatches. They might launch Two variants in September

Andorid Police

Google is going to make their own Android Wear smartwatches as per the reports from the last week. Now the first images of the renders of the smartwatches have appeared.

These renders first appeared on the Android Police. Where the two variants of the smartwatches Angelfish and Swordfish are shown side by side. Angelfish is the bigger variant as shown in the picture on the left-hand side and the smaller Swordfish is the watch appearing on the right-hand side.

Swordfish is the variant with a 42 mm screen. It looks a bit like Pebble Round without the huge bezel. It won't have Google's quick interchangeable band mode. The watch would be pretty slim at 10.6 mm. It will be running Android wear 2.0 with Google assistant integration. But this model won't have any GPS or LTE capabilities. It might not even have a heart rate sensor.

Jeff Chiu/AP
Android wear keynote

Angelfish, on the other hand, is a bigger and premium version of both the 'Google Watches'. It will have a more premium design like Moto 360 with visible lugs and interchangeable bands. This variant will support LTE and GPS which would be great for runners and fitness enthusiasts.

The watchface in the render is the new customizable watch face for Android 2.0. It has details such as email, time, the number of steps, stock prices of a company (Twitter here), messages and more.

It will have a premium finish called 'Titanium' and it will host a button on the right side of the watch. Angelfish will have a built-in heart rate sensor as well. The display will be slightly bigger than the standard 42 mm display at 43.5 mm. This watch will also run Android wear 2.0 with Google assistant built in.

Google had announced Android wear in 2014. At that moment they partnered with 3 manufacturers to produce the watches. Samsung, LG, and Motorola had announced the watches at that time. Later on, other companies such as Huawei, Asus and Alcatel joined the race.

Now it seems that the Google wants more control on the smartwatch software. The naming of the watches is not decided yet.