10/07/2016 5:00 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:27 AM IST

Mumbai Scientists Have Found A Connection Between Mona Lisa, Lord Shiva And Scarlett Johansson

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leonardo da vinci and mona lisa

Two physicists Vijay Singh and Praveen Pathak from the Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education in Mumbai have found out that Lord Shiva and Leonardo da Vinci's artwork, including the Mona Lisa, have one thing in common — the Golden Ratio.

According to a report in The Times of India, the two scientists have found out that the crescent moon on top of Lord Shiva's head looked like a circle removed from a bigger circle — with the ratio of both their diameters close to the Golden Ratio.

The Golden Ratio or the number 1.618, represented by the Greek letter 'phi' is believed to be present in all things that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye — including artwork, living beings and things in nature.

Experts claim that Da Vinci used the Golden Ratio to define all of the proportions in his artwork, including noted pieces such as the Mona Lisa, Vitruvian Man and the Last Supper.

Singh and Pathak, who published their revelation in the noted European Journal of Physics journal, said that they found that the Katha Upanishad mentions that the "path of spirituality is akin to balancing a scimitar precariously on the edge".

According to TOI, Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson and TV personality Kim Kardashian also possess the Golden Ratio.

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