06/07/2016 8:48 AM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:27 AM IST

Best News Of The Day! Puppy Thrown Off From Chennai Rooftop Is Alive


This piece of news is going to make your day. The puppy which was thrown off a rooftop in Chennai has been found alive.

Shravan Krishnan, one of the activists who was helping the police find the man who threw the puppy off a roof, and shot a video, posted a picture on Facebook last night.

The pup is unable to walk properly, but she is receiving medical attention.

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Shravan, in his post, noted that when he found the puppy, though she was in pain, she kept wagging her tail happily.

"What breaks my heart is that she was still wagging her tail," he wrote.

Recounting how he found the puppy, Shravan wrote on Facebook, "When I lifted her, she was shivering and peed all over cause she was scared and the give away was she was extremely timid and she was wagging her tail throughout."

This was the puppy is up to now. She has been named Bhadra.

Meanwhile, the men responsible for the act have been identified. Gautham Sudarshan and Ashish Paul are the final year MBBS students from Madha medical college.

They have been booked under PCA 1960, IPC 428 and 429.

Yesterday, when police reached their homes, they were not found there.

Both the students had their phones switched off as their parents tried to reach them. However, the Chairman of the college has warned that neither will be able to write their exams, should they not return and turn themselves in.

This is the copy of the FIR report, that was posted by Harrish Iyer.

A video of the rescued dog, where she is seen wagging her tail, is doing the rounds on social media.