05/07/2016 9:11 AM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:27 AM IST

Man Seen In Disturbing Video Throwing Puppy Off A Roof Is A Medical Student From Chennai, On The Run

A day after a horrific video of a man throwing a dog from a roof was widely shared on Facebook and WhatsApp, the man in the video has been identified.

According to a NewsMinute report, concerned students identified him to be a final year MBBS student from Madha medical college. The video was reportedly shot in Chennai.

In a disturbing video, the man is seen holding a dog by the neck, balancing him on the edge of the roof – smiling at the camera the whole time.

The man then goes on to mercilessly drop the dog. The video ends with the sound of the dog crying in pain.

According to reports, the video had surfaced two weeks ago when the video was uploaded. Soon, the man seen in the video, was identified by his classmates.

"When students of the college recognized him and tried to reveal his identity, they were threatened by him," Shravan Krishnan, one of the activists who accompanied the police told NewsMinute.

Krishnan also posted a picture of the location where the video was shot.

Krishnan and honorary animal welfare officer Antony Rubin, have lodged an official complaint with the commissioner of police.

"Gautam Sudharshan and Ashish Pal are on the run. Just a matter of time before the police nab them. We are pretty sure they would be caught tomorrow. T 13 Kundrathur police station has been extremely cooperative and swift with the investigation," Krishnan posted on Facebook.

Earlier, Humane Society International also announced to “offer a reward of 100,000 Rs to anyone who is willing to volunteer valid information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for this evil.”

Sally Kannan, Outreach Consultant at Humane Society International, posted on her Facebook:

“Look at what this filthy and miserable excuse of a human being does to the poor doggy who keeps wagging her tail until the last moment… She kept trusting the asshole even when his dirty mind was planning the worst for her.

Please share and help trace this @#$€£¥? . This is definitely in India and I am sure someone or the other can finally recognize the man in it. Any information regarding this video and the person in it will be rewarded monetarily.

The cyber crime cell in Chennai is currently investigating the case.”

Meanwhile, people on social media are sharing whatever information they are being able to gather about the incident.