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Indrani Mukerjea Sat On The Face Of Sheena Bora's Corpse After Strangling Her


Indrani Mukerjea's former driver Shyamvar Rai, one of the key accused in her daughter Sheena Bora's murder, turned approver in the case and submitted a detailed account of murder in his confessional statement.

Shyamvar was the first to be arrested in the case in August 2015. In fact, his arrest in connection with an arms case took the lid off the murder.

In his confession, which was unsealed by the special CBI court on Friday following a Bombay High Court directive on Thursday, Shyamvar also gave gory details about the Sheena's murder.

“Madam asked me to drive towards Taj Lands End. She sat on the dead body's [Sheena's] face and said that she had got her 3BHK flat."

In his statement, Shyamvar alleged that it was Indrani who came up with the murder plan along with ex-husband Sanjeev Khanna. He didn't suggest that Peter Mukerjea had a role to play.

According to a report in Hindustan Times, Shyamvar said that Indrani had contacted him in March 2012 and had revealed her plans to 'eliminate' her two children Sheena and Mikhail with Shyamvar's help, because she 'trusted him'.

Indrani reportedly wanted to kill Sheena and Mikhail due to fights over property. She allegedly told Shyamvar that Sheena was in a relationship with her step-brother Rahul Mukerjea, Peter’s son from an earlier marriage.

Shyamvar said in the statement:

“Indrani madam asked me to drive towards Taj Lands End. She sat on the dead body's [Sheena's] face and said that she had got her 3BHK flat."

He added that after the murder, the three of them dispersed and later met at Indrani's house in Marlow building in south Mumbai. They had reportedly kept Sheena's body in a garbage bag in the house and had decided to kill Mikhail later.

In his confession recorded last year by a magistrate, Shyamvar had alleged that Indrani gave him a parcel and three months' salary and asked him to leave soon after Sheena's murder in 2012.

"However, when I opened the parcel it contained a crude weapon (gun)," Shyamvar had said, according to PTI.

According to the prosecution, 24-year-old Sheena was murdered on 24 April 2012 and her remains were found in a forest in Raigad. The crime, which came to light last year, is allegedly linked to certain financial dealings.

The trio were arrested in August last year, while Peter Mukerjea was arrested in November. According to CBI, Peter was part of the murder conspiracy.

While Peter and Khanna are lodged in the Central prison at Arthur Road, Indrani is in Byculla women's jail in the city.

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