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Gujarat Class X Students Who Scored Over 90% Marks In Maths Say That A Triangle Has 4 Sides

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Close on the heels of the controversy over Bihar Class XII exams where a Humanities topper told TV channels that Political Science was about cooking, it is now the turn of the Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board (GSHSEB) to face scrutiny over the fairness of its examination process.

According to a report in The Indian Express, one of the students who scored over 90-95 percent marks in the objective section of the Mathematics paper in Class X exams, said that a triangle had four sides.

Over 500 students who were suspected of cheating during their Class X exams were made to answer basic questions related to the subjects in which they had scored really well. All who were quizzed at the GSHSEB headquarters at Gandhinagar ended up scoring zero marks.

The method of cheating in Gujarat was a little more refined as compared to Bihar, which is known for the rampant disregard for law and order prevailing there. The conspirators managed to "whisper out the answers" to the students while a teacher (and a co-conspirator) would stand exactly below the CCTV camera, thus blocking its view.

(Parents and relatives of students climb the wall of a building to help students appearing in an examination in Bihar. Even with police presence, they passed notes to help students cheat in their exams.)

A student told IE, "I cannot identify the voice, but someone just outside the window dictated answers of objective questions to us."

Recently, the Gujarat government had admitted that the installation of CCTV cameras at examination centres had drastically brought the pass percentage down in schools.

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