30/06/2016 9:52 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:27 AM IST

Sorry Neyyappam Fans, Google's Latest Offering Is Called Android Nougat


Following months of speculations stoked by its campaign asking users to suggest names, Google finally revealed the name of Android N. It's Android Nougat. Though it was initially reported that Nutella is leading the race, the search company has settled for the chewy and nutty delicacy instead.

Apart from Nutella, Nachos and Noodles were also said to be among the options. Two Indian favourites Nankhatai and Neyyappam were also suggestions that came up. At one point, it was even suggested that Neyyappam, a deep fried sweet popular among Malayalis, is leading the 'race'. Sustained online campaigns had been organised to vote Neyyappam as the name for Android N, though it was clear that at the end of the day Google will have the final call on what the name would be.

Google teased on Twitter that they are going to reveal the name today. And they did reveal the name by unveiling the A statue at 9 AM PST. The event took place in the garden of their mountain view headquarters where all the other Android version statues are placed.

The search company had opted for a public voting system to chose the nickname of the next Android version this year. For that, they had introduced a website at their developer conference Google IO.

Earlier this month there was high speculation of Nutella being chosen as Android N's nickname as Google's VP of Android Hiroshi Lockheimer had teased that word in one of the tweets he had posted.

Google has rolled out public beta version of Android N for the users to experience. Soon they will be rolling out the final version for the current phones to be updated. The next Nexus phone(s) will be based on Android N. There are also rumours that Google is working on a phone that is separate from the Nexus series.