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The Morning Wrap: Ravi Shastri Calls Saurav Ganguly 'Disrespectful'; Govt To Curb Loud Honking On Roads

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KOLKATA, INDIA - OCTOBER 15: Abhishek Dalmiya, son of late Jagmohan Dalmiya, greets Saurav Ganguly as the former team India captain officially takes charge as the Cricket Association of Bengal President on October 15, 2015 in Kolkata, India. Ganguly replaces cricket czar Jagmohan Dalmiya, who died on September 20. Dalmiya’s son Abhishek was also elected unopposed as joint-secretary, a post held by Ganguly till recently before he resigned ahead of the special general meeting. (Photo by Prateek Choudhury/Hindustan Times via Getty Images)

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On Tuesday, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal met the fishermen community in Goa as the Aam Aadmi Party will be contesting in Goa for the first time in the upcoming state assembly elections. When Kejirwal posed for photographs with the traditional Goan headgear, it looked very similar to a popular filter on the social media platform Snapchat. The photo thus spread like wildfire on on the internet and he became a meme in no time.

A Chinese daily strongly defended China’s opposition to India’s failed bid to become a member of NSG, calling the public opinion and Indian media’s reaction to the development overblown, indicating that in India, “national interests can override principles recognised by the world.” The scathing editorial also warned that a backing from the US does not mean India has won the backing of the world, and in fact, "by cozying up to India,” Washington's India policy served the purpose of containing China.

Bihar's controversial topper in Class XII examinations for the Humanities stream this year, Ruby Rai, told her interrogators that she never wanted to top the exams and had only asked her father to arrange for her to secure enough marks so that she could pass.

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Three suicide bombers attacked Istanbul Ataturk Airport late Tuesday evening, killing at least 36 and injuring over 150 people. Initial government assessments suggest the self-described Islamic State was responsible. Reportedly, the police shot at the attackers outside the security gate of the airport’s international terminal, and the attackers did not make it through the security gate before detonating their explosives.

Ravi Shastri lashed out against former Indian skipper Saurav Ganguly, saying the former he was 'disrespectful' of the candidate he was interviewing and the job he was entrusted with. He was referring to the fact that Ganguly was not present during the Shastri's interview for head coach.

A 12-year-old Indian boy, who was kidnapped from Delhi six years ago, has been traced in Bangladesh and is being brought back home. External affairs minister Sushma Swaraj said that the Indian high commission in Dhaka had taken custody of the boy, Sonu, and that he would be brought back to Delhi on Thursday.

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The Central Government is planning on taking steps to check the menace of excessive honking. From penalising drivers for ₹500 to ₹1,000, the proposal will fine ₹5,000 on owners who install multi-toned and air-horns in their vehicles. A fine or ₹1 lakh or more will be levied on dealers and owners of garages who install such horns.

A video showing two alleged cow traffickers forced to eat cow dung by volunteers of the 'Gau Rakshak Dal' created a stir on social media. According to police, the a vigilante group of cow savers, intercepted a truck full of meat suspected to be beef and caught the two alleged cow traffickers, made them eat cow dung and chant 'Go mata jindabad'.

A 17-year-old rape victim from Bihar was made to undergo the banned two-finger test by the doctors in a local hospital. The victim reportedly had to go through the two-finger test — a highly controversial and banned test conducted to find out whether rape victims are sexually active or not — five times.


The new ₹6,000 crore package is a chance to upgrade and expand India’s textile industry, says an editorial in Mint. "After fully reaping the benefits of access to the markets of developed economies in the post-Uruguay Round world, China is beginning to exit the textiles and apparel sector due to rising domestic wages. This leaves a huge demand base for India to exploit as rightly recognised by the government. When the Multi Fibre Agreement imposed by developed countries on the developing world was phased out, it was expected that India would benefit from it too. But the textile industry hasn’t been able to scale up accordingly. Besides, rigidities in the labour market, import restrictions on competing man-made fibres, export quotas on cotton and logistics costs prevented the country from reaping the benefits," it says.

The art of persuasion works only when the ground is prepared and there is a degree of satisfaction for all parties involved. India’s NSG push violated this sacred principle, writes TP Sreenivasan in The Hindu. "India could have pursued membership of the NSG quietly, without making any claims of support from anyone. It appears that there is a feeling in the US circles of getting India entangled in the non-proliferation net instead of leaving it alone to work on the basis of the nuclear deal and the NSG waiver. We should have handled the issue with dignified detachment and waited for a consensus to emerge among the interested countries. If only we had played by the rules of the multilateral game, the Seoul fiasco could have been turned into a victory," he says.

Considering the extent to which drug addiction has spread in Punjab, the law enforcement and policymakers should go all out to deal with the problem, writes Piyush Mahajan in The Indian Express. "Perhaps they should rope in local communities, through panchayats and NGOs, apart from support from the local police," he says.

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