30/06/2016 10:07 AM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:27 AM IST

Aneel Neupane's Short Film 'Bob' Has Also Been Taken Down From YouTube

Aneel Neupane/Vimeo

In a new twist to the increasingly dramatic showdown between Bollywood filmmaker Shirish Kunder and Nepalese filmmaker Aneel Neupane, the latter's short film Bob has been removed by YouTube.

This comes a day after it came to light that Kunder's short Kriti — starring Manoj Bajpayee, Radhika Apte, and Neha Sharma — had been pulled down over a copyright claim by Neupane. In this case, a similar copyright claim — attributed to Abhayanand Singh of the Singapore-based Indie Muviz Pte Ltd, which produced Kunder's short — has been applied to Bob, resulting in its removal.

Over the past week, the two have been locked in battle over their respective short films. It started with a viral Facebook post written by Neupane, who claimed that Kunder had plagiarised much of Kriti from his film (the two films have many similarities). Kunder responded by saying that he hadn't seen the film and had completed writing and shooting the film much before it arrived on YouTube i.e. in May (a copy existed on Vimeo since December 2015, but Kunder claimed there is no way he could have seen it).

He has also slapped Neupane — who has been garnering a lot of support online — with a legal notice in which he has demanded a written apology and also alleged that since he'd shared the script of Kriti with a few people, perhaps Neupane is guilty of plagiarising his work, not the other way around.

Bob can still be watched on Vimeo.