29/06/2016 11:06 AM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:27 AM IST

'Dead Man' In UP 'Hindu Exodus' List Says He's Alive

Indrani Basu

The Shamli administration has done it again—this time, they've included a man in their "Hindu exodus" list as dead. Yogendra Sethi, an erstwhile resident of Kandhla in Shamli, heard from a neighbour that his name is among the four "dead" people in the list released by the government last week. Shocked, Sethi, who had moved to Delhi, “rushed to Kandhla on Sunday to prove that I am still alive.”

“Due to the disturbing situation in Kandhla, I decided to shift to Delhi with my mother Raj Rani about a year ago,” he told The Indian Express.

The Shamli administration had released the list last week after conducting a probe on the alleged "Hindu exodus" from the area. Yet, this is another instance of the district administration's flawed research. What is even worse is the way the 'probe' is conducted—while acknowledging their mistake, subdivisional magistrate of Kairana, Ram Avtar Gupta, claimed that the neighbours had given his team wrong information.

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That the district administration is depending on hearsay and anecdotal knowledge to make such serious allegations is alarming. In interviews to HuffPost India, residents of the area have alleged that no such Hindu exodus has taken place, negating the local administration's narrative.