29/06/2016 5:22 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:27 AM IST

This Visually Challenged Mother Had An Unusual Request For A Gurgaon Boutique


It's not unusual to find people wanting a dress like the one Deepika Padukone wore at some award ceremony, or a saree that Kajol wore in a Yash Chopra movie.

But, some dress design demands can outdo these too. One such request was described by a boutique called 'Cleavage and Curves' on their Facebook post, that has gone viral now.

When Madhu went to the boutique in Gurgaon, best known for its designer lehengas, the designers assumed she would pull out a magazine, just like everyone else.

Instead, Madhu took out a sketch that her 8-year-old son Namish had drawn. Namish, who had accompanied his mother to the store, and had wanted his mother to wear this dress, had preserved his drawing for almost a year.

"He animatedly explained to me how he wanted the patterns and colours to be exact. The stripes, the squares, the circles and the diamonds. All needed to be as per his design," writes the designer in the Facebook post.

The designers replicated the drawing on the lehenga and made Madhu try it on.

"Is it exactly the same as Namish drew on the paper?" asked Madhu, who is visually impaired, after trying it on.

Both of Namish's parents cannot see.

To ensure the dress is exactly how her son drew it, the 8-year-old and his mother trailed their fingers over the dress, examining each colour and pattern.

"The smile on her face was priceless. The pictures here are a memento of a rare love. And the experience of being part of it: surreal," the Facebook post concludes.