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Chennai Artist's Miniature Food Art Will Leave You Hungry For More

Rupashree Adam

Here is more proof that best things come in small packages. Instead of cooking up large batches of food to satiate her appetite, Chennai-based Rupashree Adam has been creating miniature dishes of her favourite things to eat.

Adam, who has just graduated from college, said she was inspired by the stylish displays of food at both, high end and local eateries. “I was wondering if I could make big look small,” she told HuffPost India.

Though her artwork is not edible, it’s realistic enough to make anyone salivate. “I spent a lot of time researching what material would be best to use for an almost real look,” she says, adding that the tiny dishes are made out of polymer clay which is a bake-able material. “I made the first two items after much trial and error. The realistic effect was achieved only by using a proper mix of clay, right baking temperatures and time, and careful shading. Needless to say, it required a lot of patience!” Adam says.

Each element takes Adams at least 3-4 hours to create, and requires an almost obsessive watch when being baked. “If my oven is too hot, or if I don’t monitor the time to the last minute, these tiny things get burnt very easily – a total waste of my four hours of work,” she says.

Adams, who creates appetizers, main course entrees and desserts, says that south Indian dishes are particularly hard to craft, especially when compared to their continental counterparts. “This is because of the various items that are present in an Indian meal,” she explains.

For those who’d like to try their hand at this wee hobby, Adam plans on releasing a video that reveals the process behind her work. She will also be putting these tiny items up for sale in a month or two. She can also be followed on her Facebook page or her website, (quite aptly) called

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