28/06/2016 1:19 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:27 AM IST

WATCH: This 6-Year-Old Chef From Kochi Has Some Mad Culinary Skills

YouTube/ KichaTube

If it is not astonishing enough that 6-year-old Nihal Raj from Kochi knows the definition of reduced milk, his ability to turn that, along with other ingredients, into mouth-watering coconut payasam will certainly make your jaw drop.

Raj runs his own recipe channel called Kichatube HD on YouTube, where, clad in wee-sized chef's whites, he creates culinary magic while entertaining his viewers.

The channel was set up in 2015 and reached its first milestone pretty quickly when, earlier last month, Facebook acquired rights for the young chef's Mickey Mouse Mango ice cream video for $2,000.

From colourful idlis to ice cream cake, here are a few of Nihal's recipes that absolutely anyone of any age can and should attempt:

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