24/06/2016 10:14 AM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:27 AM IST

These Are The Top 10 Most Sought Workplaces In India, According To LinkedIn

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An employees sits in a chair working on a laptop computer in the office of, a unit of Flipkart Internet Services Pvt., in Bangaluru, India, on Friday, Dec. 04, 2015. Discounts and cashback offers helped India's top e-commerce companies from Flipkart to Snapdeal sell a record $11 billion of goods this year online. Photographer: Namas Bhojani/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Technology companies continue to be the most sought after places to work in India, according to a LinkedIn workplace survey. LinkedIn surveyed 1,005 workers in India as part of a larger online global survey conducted in partnership with Censuswide.

Here are the top 10 companies on the list. See the full list here.

1. Flipkart: The e-commerce company’s perks such as a six-month maternity leave and sabbatical options helped it stand out. Its risk-taking culture was also cited as a plus by the report.

2. Amazon: Indian workers don’t seem to mind the bad press e-commerce giant Amazon received last year for challenging work conditions in what a New York Times article called “a bruising workplace". Compensation and mentorship are apparently still a hit with Amazon employees.

3. Capgemini. The IT services company, which has half its workforce in India, is big on promoting physical and mental well being. In January, it set a Guinness World record for organizing the largest Bollywood dance lesson that involved 4,276 participants.

4. Google: The internet giant is well known for its quest to build a “perfect workplace” and that includes swanky offices of the kind made famous by the movie “Internship.” In addition to offering free food and a host of perks, the company also provides “death benefits,” or compensating surviving spouses of a deceased employee for 10 years.

5. KPMG : The accounting firm has over 174,000 employees. The firm told LinkedIn that it its employees enjoy “stretch assignments and global placements and 2,500 KPMG employees participated in its “global mobility program,” allowing them to go on international assignments.

6. Deloitte: The management consulting and accounting firm claims to invest heavily in its employees, offering various training programs as well as education reimbursements. It has over 225,000 employees globally.

7. Adobe: The maker of Photoshop and Acrobat abandoned the practice of annual performance reviews five years ago and that is becoming a trend among many employers. It has over 14,000 employees.

8. HCL Technologies: The IT services provider has been making a big push into driving employee culture, and claims to have put its weight behind a radical management idea, “Inspire,” which puts employees before customers.

9. Despite its troubles, the startup still attracts interest from tech talent keen on solving housing problems using technology.

10. Ola: At taxi services startup Ola, employees enjoy the thrill of competition and innovative projects, according to LinkedIn.

Other findings from the survey include:

• Compared to the global average, Indian workers care much more about the company’s mission and values while deciding were to work and over half of them would consider a pay cut if they believe in the mission.

• Nearly two thirds of Indian workers seek a flexible work schedule and ability to work remotely.

• Nearly half of the respondents said they would forgo a top position and a higher salary for more flexibility. Among the benefits that were cited as important were healthcare (58 percent) and emphasis on team building and professional development (52 percent).

• Women (81 percent) valued job stability much more than men (74 percent).