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7 Do-It-Yourself Food Apps To Tingle Your Taste Buds via Getty Images
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The culinary revolution that, over the last couple of decades, has swept the Indian metros and other towns as well, has been all about eating out and ordering out. Which is a wonderful thing. As much fun as eating out is, it cannot ever be a substitute for regular cooking and eating at home. For reasons of health, budgets and more. Eating out, even if you can afford it, is always recommended as a break from the routine.

So here are some apps that can help in the kitchen, when you want to have something special or exotic but without having to leave home.

1. Sweet N Spicy

There are any number of apps that help us order food from outside, but what if you want to prepare something at home in a few minutes? Sweet N Spicy is an app in the Google Play Store that offers many Indian recipes. There are helpful categories such as non-vegetarian, vegetarian, vegan, 30-minute meals and much more. While the app's interface is not the best, you can count on its vast database.

2. Quinto

This app works as a 'chatbot' that suggests places after chatting with you. You can tell the bot what kind of place you would like to hang out at this evening or, that you are looking to have an Italian meal, maybe in a particular part of town. The bot will then suggest restaurants to you. As of now, the app only covers Pune but they are soon planning to expand to new cities. The people at Quinto are also going to integrate the bots in services such as Slack and Facebook Messenger.

3. Supercook

Are you at a loss about what to cook today? Cast aside your worries and just trust Supercook. Supercook will suggest recipes based on whatever ingredients you have available in your kitchen. You can look up recipes or you could list the ingredients available with you in a tray to get various suggestions from different websites.

4. Food 52

Of the many social networks out there in the virtual world, there is one for foodies too. Food 52 lets you share recipes, dishes, food tips and much more. It also has a store for food shopping. There are contests from time to time and winners get lucrative prizes.

5. Tarla Dala App

How can we talk about food and not mention Tarla Dalal. The Padma Shree awardee cook's recipes are now available as an app. There are different categories here too, such as Chinese, Gujarati, Punjabi, Breakfast, and Healthy. There is a Recipe of the Day section that chooses any dish from the database. You can also look for accompaniments recipes that would go with whatever you are preparing or serving.

6. Green Kitchen

This iOS-only app is for health enthusiasts. Green Kitchen suggests healthy vegetarian recipes. There are step by step instructions on the app along with the estimated time it would take to prepare something. The best thing about this app is its great interface.

7. Ramps

Food enthusiasts are usually on the lookout to expand their knowledge of food. Their ideal app would be Ramps, which has a database of obscure food items from all over the world. Ramps also lets you see what items are used in specific ingredients in the menu.

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