23/06/2016 1:49 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:27 AM IST

Xiaomi Launches A Folding Electric Bike Called QiCycle


Continuing with its steady diversification into new product categories, Xiaomi launched a smart electric cycle today at an event in China under their sub-brand Mijia. This bike is called QiBicycle and it will cost 2,999 Yuan (approximately 30,00 rupees).

QiBicycle is completely foldable and can sit in the back of your car. It is made from lightweight material so that its overall weight is restricted to just 7 kilos. Being 'smart', the cycle can also also measure different data points, such as the distance of the current trip or the overall distance covered, mileage, heat consumption, and battery percentage.

The cycle comes with a Panasonic lithium 18650 mAh battery, a driving motor and 3-speed transmission. It can ride 40-50 kilometres from a single charge and to help avoid accidents it is equipped with smart motion-sensing technology. Xiaomi has also released an app with the cycle that has an inbuilt navigation system.

Back in India, after being quiet for a couple of weeks, Xiaomi is starting their launch activities again. They launched a website called Mi Community some days ago. The website will allow users to participate in launch events after they register with it, as well as try new products early and be able to give feedback to the company. Xiaomi's initiative is in keeping with what has become standard practice among smartphone makers. Companies such LeEco, Yu, Xiaomi and OnePlus invite their fans to launches and other events and let them try their devices ahead of releasing them in the market.

Xioami is also launching a giant phablet, Mi Max, in India at an event on 30 June . The phablet has a humongous 6.44-inch screen and 4850 mAh battery.

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