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The Morning Wrap: IOA May Drop Salman If He Doesn't Apologise For 'Rape' Comment; Telugu Actor JV Ramana Murthy Dies

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Indian Bollywood actor Salman Khan attends the press conference for the 17th edition of IIFA Awards (International Indian Film Academy Awards) in Mumbai on May 20, 2016. / AFP / - (Photo credit should read -/AFP/Getty Images)

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After claiming credit for toppling RBI chief Raghuram Rajan, BJP leader Subramanian Swamy is reportedly gunning for Arvind Subramanian, Chief Economic Adviser to the Modi government. Listing the incorrect 'predictions' made by Subramanian, Swamy insisted that he should be 'sacked'. After Rajan's exit, Swamy has vowed to weed out 27 other bureaucrats, who, he claims, are loyal to the Congress party.

In a bizarre case in New Delhi, a legal case is being fought over a man who is in coma, and two women have both claimed to be his wife. A woman has petitioned the Delhi High Court alleging that a woman and her son have 'illegally detained' her husband who is in coma, by taking him to her west Delhi home from the hospital he was admitted in. Meanwhile, the second woman has claimed she is the man's lawfully wedded wife. The Court was unable to determine who is the actual wife, and has said that the second woman should continue taking care of the man, while the petitioner should be allowed to visit the man every week. An investigating officer and a woman police constable will be present for these visits.

The Modi government is working towards granting Indian citizenship to hundreds of Hindu refugees from Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Pakistan by Independence Day, this year. Thousands of Hindus, who are a religious minority in these countries, have poured into India for various reasons, including poverty and persecution. Many of them live in squalid refugees camps scattered around the country. While campaigning for the 2014 national election, the BJP had promised that Hindus fleeing from any country would find a home in India.

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Maharashtra government has challenged a decision by the NIA court to discharge eight people in the 2006 Malegaon blasts case. Six of the discharged people are from Malegaon and have allegedly engineered the serial bombings that took place on 8 September 2006 and killed 31 people. Reportedly, the NIA court hasn't found any evidence against the said eight people.

In line with the Start-up India Action Plan unveiled by the government in January, the Union cabinet on Wednesday approved the setting up of a 'Fund of Funds for Startups' with a corpus of ₹10,000 crore at SIDBI (Small Industries Development Bank).

After Salman Khan's controversial remarks about comparing his gruelling schedule to the state of a 'raped woman', the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) has threatened to drop him as goodwill ambassador if he doesn't issue an immediate 'public apology'. IOA's joint secretary and India's chef-de-mission for Rio Games, Rakesh Gupta called the comment 'irresponsible'.

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Indian cricket captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni on Wednesday equalled Australian cricketer Ricky Ponting's record of leading a cricket team in 324 international matches across all formats. Dhoni achieved the milestone during the third and final Twenty20 match against Zimbabwe.

A private Delhi hospital dismissed five staffers on Wednesday for allegedly performing a surgery on the wrong leg. The police complaint filed by the patient's family stated that 24-year-old Ravi Rai had fractured his right leg. He was taken to the Fortis Hospital, where screening tests showed that the ankle joint was damaged. Following this, the surgeons decided to operate on the leg. When the family saw that the wrong leg had been operated upon, the doctors allegedly said that they would simply remove the screws from the left (wrong) leg and put them in his right leg.

83-year-old veteran Telugu actor JV Ramana Murthy passed away on Wednesday following a brief illness. He was best known for portraying the role of Girisam in the epoch-making play Kanyasulkam. He has also acted in over 100 movies including Maro Charitra, Idi Kadha Kadu and Aakali Rajyam.


Simultaneous elections will allow political parties to focus on governance, says an editorial in Mint. "Elections in India have become a continuous process and political parties with stakes in various states are constantly preparing for one election or the other. This affects policymaking and governance as the government is trapped in short-term thinking. It is also a strain on the exchequer and puts pressure on political parties, especially smaller ones, as elections are becoming increasingly expensive," it says.

Salman Khan may have regretted his remarks in the next breath after uttering his “rape” analogy, or not... But regardless of how he to close this episode, the storm over the analogy revives the debate on whether India needs a more publicly mediated standard on language, says an editorial in The Hindu. "There is not much to be gained by only training all guns on the person misusing the word. It is to articulate in the public sphere the importance of dispensing with old and inappropriate usages that are suggestive of anything other than what rape really is: a particularly abominable criminal act," it says.

It is a sign of the stakes in Uttar Pradesh that all political parties already seem to be in election mode. But UP politics will be particularly intense, because like the state itself, the character of politics has very little organic identity left, writes Pratap Bhanu Mehta in The Indian Express. "In UP, almost all parties have conspired to put a lid on the politics of inequality within the state... One measure of that marginalisation is the fact that all demands for the trifurcation of UP have been taken off the political agenda. Small states are not a panacea. But the case for breaking up UP is quite compelling," he says.

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