23/06/2016 5:09 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:27 AM IST

9 Slack Bots Which Are Fun To Use

Slack, the popular work messaging app, is taking over offices all over the world. Many companies are replacing email communications with Slack. Slack recently won a Crunchie award which is given by TechCrunch to the fastest growing startup in the previous year. They have also raised $200 million at a valuation of $3.8 billion.

Introductions to Bots and Integration

Integral to using the app are bots and integration. These are automated users trying to help you or help create a better experience for you. You can chat with them in direct messages or even mention them in channels to get relevant information. You can also install certain apps in the Slack channel and fire commands.

Integration is as simple as installing an app on the phone. For most integrations you just need to give the app access to a channel or a team. Let's look at some of the fun bots that we have in Slack.

1. Slackbot

This is the app's inbuilt bot which will help you get started. You can ask simple questions such as, "How does Slack work?" or "How do I get a guest account?" and the bot will guide you through the process. You can even ask the Slackbot to set reminders or automate it to answer questions such as,"What is the extension for the reception desk?" or "What is the WiFi password?".

2. Giphy

Love GIFs? Who doesn't? One of the world's biggest libraries of GIFs can be now integrated with Slack so that you can have some animated fun. Once you have installed the app, all you have to do is fire a command "/giphy " and it will show you a GIF related to that term. For instance, to get a cute cat GIF you should type "/giphy cat".

3. Uber

It's easy to call the cab now without even picking up your phone. You can integrate the Uber app and call the rides from your Slack window just by firing the /uber-command and specifying the origin and the destination. You can choose payment options by clicking on the newly integrated Slack buttons or choose a number.

4. Cricket Scores

Gupshup has developed a bot for Slack which allows you to be up to date with the world of cricket. You can mention the bot and ask for the scores. If there are no matches going on at the moment, the bot will display the next upcoming match. If you ask the bot for the news it will display the latest cricket news from various sources.

5. Movie bot

If you're a movie buff, this one is for you. You can fetch any movie's information through the IMDb site by typing the command "/msom ". You can even specify the year of release with the keyword and limit the number of searches.

6. ProductHunt Kitty

Product hunt is a great website for discovering new startups, apps, and gadgets. They have made a bot (It's a cute kitty!) which informs you about great new products posted on the website. And you can choose the topics of your interest too. Some of the categories are smart homes, productivity, design, programming and of course bots.

7. Scorebot

This is a fun social score app bot integrated with Slack. Each message in Slack will have reactions attached to it and based on the reactions, users can get points. There is a leaderboard as well where you can check who has the maximum points. This is a great marriage of slack, Facebook reactions, and gamification.

8. Digg

Who doesn't love a bit of news while working? So the popular news aggregation website, Digg, has developed a Slack bot which will let you see the news in your Slack window. When you type "/Digg" you get a random piece of news. Find below commands that you can use to get specific stories from across the Internet.

9. Felix Bot

Being productive is a one-day-at-a-time kind of task, and it is nice to have something that can help with this integrated into your daily messenger app. Felix manages daily goals once you define them. For better customization, you can also specify the length of your workday and when you start. Once you're done with a task, you can tick it off the list with a simple press of a button.

Let us know which one of these work the best for you.

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