23/06/2016 10:27 AM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:27 AM IST

17 Year Old Jharkhand Boy Brings Firearms To School, 'Accidentally' Shoots His Classmate

Tamara Staples via Getty Images
B&W Silhouette of a boy holding a toy gun

A 17-year-old boy "accidentally" shot at one of his classmates and "good friend" in their school in Jamshedpur in Jharkhand on Wednesday. The injured classmate is in critical condition after the bullet was lodged between his lungs. It is as yet unclear how the incident, reported in Dayanand Public School in Sakchi, took place. On inspection, it was found that the accused had two firearms in his schoolbag.

According to reports, the incident was brought to light when a gunshot was heard from a classroom early Wednesday morning before the school assembly. When the class teacher rushed to the room, he found the victim bleeding, and his friend fleeing from the spot. A security guard who gave chase was able to catch the boy. School authorities found two firearms—one countrymade weapon and a 7.65mm pistol, The Telegraph reported.

While the cops are investigating how the funs were brought to school and where the boy procured them, no clear motive has emerged yet. The school authorities believe it is a case of accidental firing, as the two boys were good friends. According to them, the accused boy, who is the son of a security guard, was showing the victim the gun when it accidentally went off.

However, how the boy managed to bring firearms to school has left everyone shocked. "We conduct surprise inspections now and then. But, we would have never thought that a senior student would carry firearms in his bag," school principal Swarna Mishra told The Telegraph. "We are shocked beyond words."

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