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5 Reasons Why You Should Travel During The Rains

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It's Good For The Broke

Go experience Goa's famous Sao Joao festival that is celebrated at the start of the monsoon season

Everyone needs a break but everyone doesn't have the money for it. #Problem. However, the rains bring respite in more ways than one. Hotels and airlines have an official off-season (when the rates are at their lowest) depending on where they are or fly to--for instance, Ladakh's off-season is the winter, Rajasthan's summer--but the one time almost the entire country is off-season is the rains. The return ticket to Goa right now is under Rs6,000. In the winter, a one-way ticket will be upwards of Rs15,000. Now, naturally this also means that this is not considered to be the best time to travel by the junta, but everyone knows the junta knows nothing. How much fun you have entirely depends on how you use your time (read below) plus hey, you're broke, you don't have much choice so go now.

It's Good For The Disorganised

A hill station or a beach can be the best place to visit during this season

I know you. You are the type who plans everything last minute and then banks on your luck to find a hotel room when you show up at a place. Your luck sucks each time and you end up spending the night in your car stinking up the mountain by the time you get a room. Your friends hate you. But! If you still want to take that last minute holiday (will you never learn?), this is your time. Not many people travel during the rains, so there's more room for the last-minute-girl. If your idea of planning a break is to just keep driving for a bit longer after work one day, this is the one time you will be rewarded. Any hill or beach place is likely to have empty hotel rooms during this season, so you can safely take off now if you want.

It's Good For The Loner

It's the best time to test your photography skills

If like all sensible people you hate crowds and other people, this is the best time to go to any popular place in the country. Goa, Shimla, Kochi, Sikkim--you name it, it's isolated. You can have a beach to yourself, with nothing but miles of loveliness at hand. Think of how you'll rock Instagram. Plus, if there happens to be other people around, they are sure to be like-minded people and wink wink, go for it, dude.

It's Good For The Nervous Wreck

Kerala takes on greener hues during the monsoon

If you are stressed, harassed, bored, annoyed or a politician, take a nature break in the rains to recover completely. You will never see green like you see when the rains have washed the trees and vegetation thoroughly. If you thought your last holiday to Kerala was impossibly green, go during the rains to see how it pushes the boundaries of impossible. The waterfalls are roaring, and at their widest and most dramatic. The rivers are full and beautiful; the trees swaying in the breeze; the air cool and calming. There really is no balm for the soul like nature during the rains. Just avoid the mountains if you want to take long walks because the hills are slippery and nature does not provide balm for the broken body.

It's Good For The Lazy Bum

Zanskar Valley during the monsoon season

You can go to the mountains too. You don't want to walk. You don't want to swim. You don't want to sightsee or do a thing--oh my god, be my friend, you are me. If your idea of a holiday is to read, sleep, eat, rotate, then why do you even bother going on a holiday any other time of the year? It's more expensive, there are more people around and it's tougher to get leave from the office--just plan all your holidays during the rains and buy more books with the money you save.

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