21/06/2016 5:14 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:27 AM IST

Six Yoga Poses That Can Teach You (A Little) French

Institut français

NEW DELHI -- Here's a fun way to learn French while staying fit — next time you practice yoga, remember the French name for each pose. The Institut Français in New Delhi celebrated the International Yoga Day by teaching participants the French words for various yoga poses.

Since a lot of yoga poses are inspired by animals — the cat pose, the cow pose, the downward-facing dog pose, etc, they added "a French touch" by presenting these asanas named after animals by their French names. Next time you do Bhekasana, remember that the French word for frog is "grenouille". Similarly, Kurmasana can teach you "tortoise" is "tortue" and "camel" (after Ustrasana) is "chameau". "Lion" and "cobra" are the easiest — they're the same in French!

Here are six other yoga asanas to get you started.

  • Butterfly - Papillon
    Butterfly - Papillon
    Institut français
    The butterfly yoga pose, or Badhakonasana, stretches your lower body, and helps in intestine and bowel movement. It can remove fatigue after walking or standing for a long time. It's also useful when you're menstruating or pregnant. The French word for "butterfly" is "papillon".
  • Cobra - Cobra
    Cobra - Cobra
    Institut français
    The cobra pose, or Bhujangasana, is helpful in strengthening your core, and aligns your spine. It is also good for your kidney function and nervous system. The French word for "cobra" is "cobra"!
  • Cow face – Vache
    Cow face – Vache
    Institut français
    The cow face, or Gomukhasana, is a good stretching exercise and helps correct your posture. The French word for "cow" is "vache".
  • Cow – Vache
    Cow – Vache
    Institut français
    The cow pose, or Bitilasana, helps stretch your torso and back. As mentioned, the French word for "cow" is "vache".
  • Downward dog - Chien
    Downward dog - Chien
    Institut français
    The downward dog yoga pose is called Adho Mukha Svanasana. It strengthens your upper body and legs, while calming the body and improving blood circulation. The French word for "dog" is "chien".
  • Fish - Poisson
    Fish - Poisson
    Institut français
    The fish pose is Matsyasana. It stretches your throat, chest, and hips, strengthening the upper back muscles and neck. It is especially useful for those who sit for long hours at work. The French word for fish is "poisson".