21/06/2016 3:26 PM IST | Updated 31/10/2016 3:04 PM IST

So, How Did You Celebrate Father's Day?

Thanasis Zovoilis via Getty Images
Grandfather with his granddaughter

Father's Day is celebrated across the world with lots of joy and a dash of varied emotions – combined with love! We went around asking people out there how they celebrated Father's Day. What they said told us how much they cherish this special bond – and the many creative ways to celebrate it!

This 16-Year-Old Knew What Could Make Her Father Happy

"Like everyone says, my father is the hero of my life! I wanted him to feel special as he makes me feel special every day. I went ahead and baked a chocolate cake for him. Well, I hate cooking but I love my dad. It was the first time I entered kitchen. The cake came out well. No, it didn't make him smile but made happy tears roll down his cheeks!"

Did She Really Pack His Bags?

"I could never tell him that he has been my greatest support – right from the time I told him I was pregnant till now when our son is six months old. His simple gestures made me breath easy in chaos. I planned a solo Europe trip for him. He always wanted to travel but could never do it as we always needed him by our side. I couldn't think of anything but giving him his space and freedom. To top it, I packed him bag as well!"

He Simply Said "Happy Father's Day" To His Hero!

"There was one person who is always worried about me. Who always wants to see me happy. Always lets me learn from my mistakes. When I started understanding things, I did ask this person – where is daddy? And she replied – I am here my boy! She never expected that I would wish her on Father's Day. That's exactly what I did. We spent the rest of the day watching Game of Thrones and sipping tea!"

He Didn't Know He Was A Father Till...

"We will never forget this Father's Day. I wished him "Happy Father's Day". It took him a while to realise that I was expecting him to understand that I was expecting!"

They Made Him Sit Back And Relax

"We are a deadly combination of a mother, twin daughters and a son. We ensured that on Father's Day he got to just stay put and relax. We did call over a few of his close buddies. They had great time as they don't remember half of it!"

Whatever the occasion, it is the bond that a child shares with his/her parents that's cherished and should be celebrated. This video from Raymond is celebrating this bond and #SalutingSingleMothers this Father's Day. Raymond wishes all parents a Happy Father's Day.