17/06/2016 11:08 AM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:27 AM IST

6 Best Fitness Trackers To Buy Under ₹5000

As in the rest of the world, the Indian wearables market is witnessing a significant surge. And at the heart of this trend is is the boom in the sale of fitness trackers. FitBit is the highest selling wearable product in the world, while Xiaomi's Mi Band holds that position in India.

Fitness bands are coming up with newer features to keep you fitter. Many, for instance, now have heart rate monitors, in addition to standard features such as basic step tracking and advanced movement tracking. Here are some fitness bands available in the Indian market for under ₹5000.

1. Xiaomi Mi Band

The most popular band in India, Xiaomi Mi Band has done well in the rest of the world too. Price is Mi Band's biggest plus. At a very affordable ₹999, it will take care of your basic fitness tracking requirements. It does step count, calorie count and basic sleep-tracking as well. Don't expect any deep analysis, but this is a great way to start off on your fitness quest.

2. Moov Band

The Moov band is reasonably priced and it offers a lot. Its makers have branded it as a fitness coach because it can give you suggestions to improve via headphones. The band can track different movements such as impact, stride, swim laps, and rotations per minute while cycling. It can be yours for ₹2999.

3. Jawbone Up Move

Jawbone Up trails only FitBit in popularity among fitness tracker enthusiasts. Priced at ₹3990, the Jawbone Up Move variant has all the basics covered, and it also has LED lights to indicate different modes such as sleep or active. It is equipped with a smart coach that suggests exercises based on how far you are from your daily fitness goals.

4. GoQii

Manufactured by an Indian company, GoQii is the second highest selling wearable in India. Uniquely, it has a community of coaches that trains GoQii band users personally. The band is very affordable and along with the personal coach, it provides great value to users. You can buy the GoQii for around ₹2000, with three months of personal training. If you don't want the personal training you might be better off with another band.

5. FitBit

The reigning brand among fitness trackers has plenty of high-end options but it also offers a basic clip-on tracker called FitBit Zip. This tracker is not worn on the wrist, and you can clip it to your shirt, shorts or even your shoes. Fitbit has made the band sweat and rain proof so you can wear and use it freely. The FitBit Zip costs ₹3990.

6. Misfit Shine

If you are looking for a minimalist and stylish fitness band, look no further than Misfit Shine. It is waterproof and it looks like an accessory, so should you want, you could wear it to a party. Misfit Shine does not have an LED screen but it does have 12 clock-styled LED lights to tell you the time. The band also vibrates if you haven't moved at all in a while. Its battery life is close to 6 months and it can track multiple activities including tennis, soccer and swimming. This band will cost your ₹5000.

There are many other bands available for under ₹5000, such as Intex FitRist, which competes with Xiaomi Mi Band, and the Razr Nabu. However in terms of availability and reliability, the six listed above have an edge in this price band.