10/06/2016 11:43 AM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:27 AM IST

Motorola Launches Moto Z And Moto Z Force Modular Phones


Motorola joins the growing group of phone makers who are embracing modular technology with the unveiling of two new modular phones at the Lenovo Tech World conference keynote event in San Francisco. The new flagship phones, Moto Z and Moto Z Force will replace the Moto X series. Users will be able to snap the modules, which have the same length and breadth as the phones, to the back of the new phones and be able to perform new functions.

The design of the phone is a departure from the previous Motorola models. Only 5.2 mm thick, they are slim, and they come without an audio jack (the charging port doubles as the jack). The front end of the phone looks very much like the Moto G4 Plus, but the rear design is different because of the module connectors.

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There are three key differences between Moto Z and Moto Z Force. One, the Z Force comes with the ShatterLess display which was first introduced in Moto X Force. Two, while Moto Z has a 13 MP camera, Moto Z force sports a 21 MP camera. And three, the battery size for the two models is 2600 mAh and 3500 mAh respectively. Both the phones are turbo charging enabled.

Motorola will release three modules, called MotoMods, that can be used with the new phones. The first module is a projector that can create a 70-inch screen on a wall. The projector module comes with its own battery pack that can run for an hour. After an hour, it will use the phone's battery. The second module comprises a JBL speaker that can play 10 hours of music. The third MotoMod is a power extension that can increase a phone's battery life by almost 22 hours.

Motorola also announced plans to release more modules soon. The company said that they are allowing developers to create their own modules by giving them access to the connector and releasing a developer kit. It also reassured users that they will not need to buy new modules for the future Moto phones, a concern everyone had when the modular LG G5 was released.

The company also unveiled Style Snap-ons which are MotoMods without any functionality, and are meant to give the phones a leather, wood and some other finish. The price of the phones was not announced at the event. The phones will be available later this summer through Verizon in the US and, from September onward, globally. The India launch date has not yet been announced.