10/06/2016 8:18 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:27 AM IST

10 Minimal Games You Can Play In Your 5-Minute Break

Maciej Frolow via Getty Images
Board game on tablet screen

Step into a bus or a train in India and you will find any number of people glued to their mobile devices. There is a fair chance that many of them are playing light games such as candy crush or cricket. It is not unusual to play games on your mobile device during short office breaks either. Like any sport, they provide diversion and can be good stress busters too. Here are some casual games from the Android and iOS world that you can play during your short break or your long commute.

1. Crossy Roads

There is a good chance that you would have heard of this game. But if you have not, the first thing you should do is to download it. It is a very simple but addictive game about crossing roads and obstacles. You just have to tap on the screen to make the character jump ahead. If you want to make it move left or right tap in that direction. This game never ends so try scoring as much as possible. You will get coins and rewards to unlock new characters as you play along.

2. Tap Tap Dash

Want something faster? Try this one. In this game, a character runs across a maze and you have to tap in the direction of the turn when it has to move left or right. The character will run automatically. There would be junctions where you have to jump, and for that you need to tap-tap (double tap) and then dash.

3. Hook

If you like good puzzle games with pleasing and minimal aesthetics, this iOS game should be to your taste. This very relaxing game involves circuit solving. In the beginning, you have a grid of wires with dots at their ends. If you press a dot the wire will retract back. The only thing you have to take care of is that the wire shouldn't tangle anywhere. As the levels increase this becomes a complex task with newer elements added.

4. Color Switch

This game comes with an interesting story in addition, of course, to the great game-play. It is based on the colours developed by David Reichelt, who was colourblind. Based mostly on tapping action, the game comprises a ball of a certain colour which you have to help pass through that part of an object which is similar in colour to the ball. Otherwise, the ball will burst. The game has multiple modes, such as the 'Normal,' 'Arcade,' 'Reverse,' 'Challenge' and more.

5. Wavez

This iOS game is basically about a ball riding on a sound wave or any other wave that you can imagine. Your objective is to avoid the spikes on the waves and increase the score by surviving. 'Wavez' can be very handy when you want a stress-busting activity for one or two minutes.

6. One More Run

How can we forget cricket when we are talking about mobile games in India. But here, it is not about bat or ball or boundaries. This is more about running. You are given a certain target to achieve in certain number of balls. You have to achieve your target just by running between the wickets. When you hit a certain run mark in a tournament you get a 'Six' in your pocket which you can use anytime. This is one of the good games to have emerged from an Indian studio.

7. Duet

'Duet' is another award winning game, lauded not just for its design but also for its background score. You have two balls, a red one and a blue one, each on the opposite side of an invisible ring. The ring moves upwards and you have to position the balls in a way that any obstacle does not hit them. Though this game is in the casual genre it does have a certain level of difficulty to it.

8. The Square

Instead of your mobile, you can play 'The Square' in your browser. You are placed in a big square as a white object and you have to collect coins by moving with your arrow keys. Watch out for the flying black squares that can hit you.

9. W_rds

Are you a language buff? Did you love playing Ruzzle or Scrabble? Then this game is for you. You will be presented with a word with missing letters. You have to guess the letters from the given options before time runs out. Time to refresh your inner thesaurus.

10. Aroow

Aroow is an Android game in the minimal tower defense genre. You would be circling an inner ring that you have to defend from incoming objects. Besides the circular motion, you'd be in rotation too. So, you wouldn't be facing the incoming object all the time and you have to align your shot to blast the object.

Try them out and tell us which is your favourite.