09/06/2016 6:19 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:27 AM IST

CCTV Captures Teenage Boy's Abduction In Broad Day Light In Patna


In yet another display of utter lawlessness in Bihar, a teenage boy was kidnapped in broad daylight. The whole incident, captured on a CCTV camera installed nearby shows how the incident unfolded on June 7.

The boy, who was riding with his friends on a bike, was intercepted by men in a white sedan. Two men stepped out of the sedan, beat up and bundled up the boy into their car and drove away while his friends were left dumbstruck.

Watch the video here:

This incident underlines Bihar reputation for high crime rate of . The chief minister of the state, NItish Kumar, has been fighting allegations from opposition parties that call the situation in Bihar 'the return of jungle raaj' . In April, a Bihar lawmaker's son, Rocky Yadav, gunned down a young boy in a road rage incident. In May, a journalist from a regional newspaper was hacked to death in the state.

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