08/06/2016 10:26 AM IST | Updated 31/10/2016 3:20 PM IST

From Simple To Complex, Your Income Tax Hassles Addressed

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Come July and do you see red with income tax chores piling up? Do you dread getting entangled in the unending realms of papers? Does legal tax-jargon sap the very energy from you, leaving you confused and exhausted? Worry not, for many people today find themselves in the same boat, rocking treacherously from the waves of inconvenience. There is a way to break free from this necessary chore, and take up the responsibility of filling income tax returns afresh.

"E-Filed ITR Forms have increased a humongous 28% from FY 13-14 to FY 2014-15, IT Department, GoI"

Start Income Tax E- Filing

When much can be achieved at the click of a button, why spend time in unruly queues and negotiations? Leverage technology, lay back and relax while you effortlessly sail through the tax-filing process. Truly a reason to smile, isn't it?

Expert Tax Preparation Service is the new norm in filing income tax online or e-filing, a hassle-free method of getting your taxes prepared and filed by experts online - from the comfort of your home and office. The process starts when a person registers, answers a few questions about his tax profile and uploads his Form 16, post which an expert calls the person to get to know more about his or her profile. An in-depth customer understanding is developed and tax-related documentation and details are gathered or prepared. Personalised attention is given so that the complexity of tax returns can be mapped to the expertise of the advisor and the e-filing is carried out efficiently.

File Income Tax Returns

H&R Block, India, is a pioneer in income tax returns filing services. With free e-filing of returns to dedicated tax preparation services and refund assistance, they come to the rescue of tax-payers not knowledgeable about tax matters. Employing proficient teams of law graduates and qualified tax professionals, they not only help their clients receive the maximum tax benefits and refunds, but also render the whole process of filing tax returns a pleasant and rewarding experience. That apart, the company also educates clients on tax matters with interesting infographics, videos etc.

Join the e-way & click away your tax woes!