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7 Cartoon Gadgets That Are Now Real

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Technology in the hands of businessmen

If you are a 1990s kid, you probably spent a good amount of time watching cartoons on television. And cartoon shows that featured gadgets were always a hit, not just among little ones but even among youngsters about to hit their teens. Dexter's Lab, Jhonny Quest, the Jetsons and many such shows provided a peek into the future of technology and made us dream about stuff. Now, a couple of decades down the line, there has been amazing advancement in science and technology, and plenty of gadgets we saw in those shows have become real. Here are some:

1. The headset which would take you to the virtual world in Johnny Quest.

Remember when Johnny or Hadji would wear a headset with a green light and be transported to a different world. Virtual Reality headsets of today have achieved something similar. Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are among the VR headsets that provide you with very immersive experiences.

2. Dexter's watch.

The genius kid Dexter and his sister Didi would get into trouble at the drop of a hat. Dexter wore a special watch that he used to summon his robots or instruct the computer in the lab. Well, today's smartwatches allow you to call people and are connected to the Internet which enables them to perform multiple functions and connects them to any number of computers.

3. Jetsons food machine

Jetsons was the more futuristic among the 1990s cartoons. The show featured spaceships, teleporters, what not. One of the more intriguing devices was a machine that prepared food. All you had to do was press a button and voila! -- the dish would be ready to be served. We haven't quite reached there yet, but we do have 3D printers that print pizzas.

4. R2D2 from Star Wars

The epic Star Wars sci-fi movie series was adapted in the comic medium for television and aired as one. One of the most adored characters from the series was the robot, R2D2. Today, with advancements in robotics, there is choice of robots one can look at. But Asus' newest addition to their gadget family, called Zenbo, is one of the friendliest robots out there. It can plays with your kids, show them videos, carry out simple tasks and alert you in case of an emergency.

5. Power readers from Dragonball Z

Those among you who watched Dragonball Z surely remember the power readers. And, the look on the faces of fighters when they read the writings. Similar HUD or heads-up display -- a transparent display that allows the viewer to read data without having to look away from their usual viewpoint -- were used in many other cartoons, such as Swat Kats and Batman. Now we have them in the form of the Google Glass. Although it didn't quite succeed as a product, Google is sure to reboot it at some point in time. Additionally, we also have HUD displays in cars.

6. The Iron Man suit.

You can't forget the intelligence and charm of Tony Stark nor can you forget his suits which made him the Iron Man. Recently, Hyundai unveiled a robot that you can wear like a suit. It doesn't have combat capabilities yet but it can carry out simple tasks and it is being designed to make work in the manufacturing sector easy.

7. Drones from Samurai Jack

Drone has become a common word now. We have drones the size of a tiny insect to ones as big as an airplane. The beetle drones in Samurai Jack used to fly and attack, and now we have military drones that can shoot powerful missiles and are capable of causing immense destruction. Of course we have drones with many innocent and beneficial uses as well, such as those that can take photos with on-board cameras.

Tell us which gadget from the comic world excites you the most?

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