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This Women Safety App Detects Screams And Sends An SOS

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The safety of women being a big concern in India, it becomes necessary in the age of smartphones for mobile phones to be equipped with tools and features that women users can rely on for help in emergency situations. One such tool, developed recently, is an Android app called Chilla. This app can detect a shrill scream in an emergency situation and alert the phone user's loved ones, as well as law enforcement authorities.

The app can detect the scream of the person in danger even if the phone is in her purse or pocket.

Once you log in to the application, you will be asked to set up your profile and provide the phone number of three near and dear ones who should be notified in an emergency. The app also guides you through the steps required to set it up on your phone and, to enable how and when the alarm will be triggered.

The alarm can be triggered by the user's scream and, to activate this feature, you need to press the shield button in the app and put it in the listening mode so that the phone can detect the scream. The alarm can also be triggered by pressing the power button 5 times.

Once an emergency is triggered, the app takes three actions.

1. It sends an SMS to the numbers fed into the app.

2. It activates the phone's recording function and sends the recording as an email to the three contacts.

3. It automatically places calls to the three contacts.

Kishlay Raj, a final year engineering student from Kolkata, who designed this app says that his aim was to provide ready access to a phone's safety features. "A lot of times you are not able to really operate the phone, and call or message a friend or relative when you're in an emergency," he explained. "At that time the application comes handy, as it is either activated by voice or the power button."

The app has also been featured in the list of apps recommended by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

Recently, the Indian government passed an order mandating that all the phones sold in India from 2017 onward should come with a panic button for women's safety. Later, it was clarified that the button could be in the physical form or as some kind of functionality embedded in the phone's software.

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